ART in the ORIGIN is a deep, exciting and unforgettable experience that will connect you with the magic of the Origin of art and nature where to create your own work.


The program is open to artists of all ages and disciplines, photographers, designers, and curious and enthusiastic people who want to immerse themselves in this experience.


During nine intense days in Cantabria, Spain, you will live, feel and create in a magical environment!!!.


You will visit archaeological sites, some of the most important in the world, and you will vibrate with the Paleolithic  art that was realized, in those caves, more than 15,000 years ago. This is the Origin of all artistic expressions.


Day by day, you will be discovering amazing natural places to create. You will have the continuous monitoring of the evolutions of your work to ensure that your art project is fully developed.


Everything is open. The landscape as stage or part, detail or everything. Performance, intervention, object, site specific, recording, thought and inspiration.


You will be immersed in the nature and backed by our team and your artwork guided by the enormous experience of Andrea Juan


You only have to worry about creating.

Andrea Juan

International artist, curator, founder of Sur Polar and director of the Program.

Since 2000 Andrea Juan has illuminated environmental concerns through her photographic works and installations with projections, fabrics and objects, created in natural environments of Antarctica and other magnificent scenarios. Andrea Juan founded SUR POLAR, an international network of environmental artists, and curried out an important series of exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Madrid, London, Washington, Melbourne, Mexico DC, Quebec, Seville, Bogota, The Hague among others.

She is awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship, Government of Canada Award, UNESCO Scholarship, Konex Award; Benin Gold Amazon Award; IV International Biennial Art Prize of Beijing, China, among others.

Her most recent exhibitions have taken place in Bangkok, Santander, Casablanca, Bilbao, Tokyo, Barcelona, ​​St. Petersburg, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Beijing, Yeosu, Quebec, Sofia, Washington and Buenos Aires.



the most important prehistoric art caves 


and enjoy its magnificent natural environment


your artwork inspired by the magic that surrounds you


... the most important prehistoric art in the world in the caves of Altamira, Covalanas and El Castillo.

The latest scientific research dates back 40,000 years.


There, the homo sapiens developed the necessary ma­terials for drawing, painting, printing and carving, leaving us this impressive legacy.

Imagine that man or woman, without precedents, in the darkness of a cave, in an uncomfortable place, with rudimentary tools.  At that time, that artist created this wonder that you will be seeing, feeling and experiencing.


Modern and contemporary artists were influenced by them…

”After Altamira all is decadence…” Plablo Picasso


...astonishing places and live new creative experiences.

Connect with the rhythm of nature in the Source of Ebro, Sequoia´s Forest, Cantabrian Mountains, marshes, estuaries, beaches and cliffs in Noja, Ajo and Liencres.


Giant sequoias that grew far from their natural habitat, drawing mandalas in the sky.

A river flows out from the rocks to transform itself in one of the most important rivers in Spain.

Forest and mountain will give us their magic, like they did thousands of years ago to the early man & woman, the former artists…

Feel the movement of the tide as an unstopped dance of nature, in the sea, beaches, cliffs and marshes


... your own artwork in dialogue with the natural environment accompanied by our team and nurturing you from the experience of Andrea Juan.

All the disciplines of art will find here the conditions conducive to a sublime act of creation.

You can do a preconceived project or start a new one inspired by this experience.

Each natural place of Cantabria, impregnated with its mythological fable, will offer you an absolutely different scenario that will generate transformative sensations and overwhelm your imagination.

The most important thing will be the magnificent creative experience you will live here.

You will marvel!

The Caves

Altamira Museum and Neo Cave

Altamira is the epitome of human creative spirit and excellence. All the essential features of art converge at Altamira. Here we find artistic techniques of drawing, painting, engraving, the treatment of shape and use of the medium, large formats and 3D, naturalism, abstraction and symbolism.

Covalanas the cave of the red deer where the freshness of the red colour and figures in a well-defined area, envelope the visitor in an environment of mystery and shelter.

El Castillo More than 265 figures that represent a walk through the origins of symbolic thought, abstract mind and artistic expression.

Natural places


Cantabria has infinite and charming natural places; these are just some of the possible places to visit.


Fuente De

In the heart of the Cantabrian Mountains, in the Picos de Europa National Park, we will go by a cable car, to 1800 meters of altitude.

There, with a clear view, you can enjoy extraordinary landscapes. It will be your scenario and there you will develop part of your artwork.

Source of Ebro River

The Ebro is one of the most important rivers in the Iberian Peninsula. Its source is surrounded by a natural and pleasant evergreen forest. It is a source of natural water, a spring that rises from the rock and drains to a reservoir that mirrors the sky...a magical space for your artwork...


The powers of the sea and the strongest northern wind have eroded capriciously the cliffs, giving strange shapes to the rocks that will be perfect scenarios for your work.

Noja, Ajo

Beaches and cliffs

The Cantabrian coast is characterized by the deep turquoise color of the sea, and the impressive cliffs and extensive beaches.


Sequoias forest

On an irregular terrain of 2, 5 hectare (of 6, 18 acres) is located a leafy forest of these robust and exotic trees of about 50 meter (164 ft.) of height. The filtrations of the solar rays between the majestic foliage originate an interesting and changing suit of light and shades.


Here fresh water and salt water converge in a magical ceremony given by tides, generating a dancing movement of water in a dreamy ecosystem, where surprise is the perfect ingredient to dialogue with your work in this amazing natural atmosphere.

• The art experience will be developed in nine days (eight nights) and the dates are limited.

• The groups will be small, 4 people, and guided all the time.

• You will stay in hotels or inns in a rural atmosphere to maintain the magic and the concept of the art experience.

• You can develop a preconceived project or start a new one inspired by this experience.

• You can share and comment before hand your ideas, projects and concerns with us through Skype or e-mail.

• You should bring your materials and necessary tools to develop your pieces.

• Every day, after the work session, we´ll meet to follow up and guide your artwork and share impressions, concerns and emotions.

• On the closing day you will present a final selection of your work and make an assessment of the experience.

 A printed participation certificate will be issued to each participant.

• Artists will be part of the international network Sur Polar.


• The artworks and pieces must be respectful and careful of the environment and after the work done, the landscape should remain as it was before your action.

• We´ll work in public areas, so, it is necessary to follow the local regulations that we´ll inform you opportunely.

• It is no allowed to take photographs inside the caves, but you can sketch.

• The organization reserves the right to modify the calendar or places to visit.


Contact & inquiries

Maitane Arregui

SM Pro Art Circle


Next Date


- September 28th to October 6th, 2018


Detailed information

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